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Body Care

Body Care

From gentle exfoliation to full body peels, we got you covered. Get ready, set, glow!

Get Glowing

90 minutes - $135

Say goodbye to tired skin and get your glow on with this fabulous session. Start with a stimulating, skin renewing dry brushing. This process will aid in the removal of cellulite, cleanse the lymphatic system, remove dead skin layers, strengthen the immune system, tighten the skin to prevent premature aging, tone the muscles, stimulate circulation, improve the function of the nervous system and help digestion. Our Alchimie Forever Brightening Facial Peel will tighten and lift skin, even out tone and reduce fine lines. What are you waiting for...get glowing!


Mini Escape

60 minutes - $95

Need a break, but don't have a lot of time. This is the session for you! Enjoy a stress taming 30 minute mini massage enhanced with hot stones and aromatherapy to target the neck, shoulders and back. Relax with a mini aromatherapy facial or mini Dtox facial. Please specify preferred facial at time of booking.

Simply Escape

90 minutes - $135

Relax with a one hour massage enhanced with aromatherapy and hot stones to neck, shoulders and back. Indulge your senses with a mini facial of your choice.


Blissful Escape

2 hours - $190

Start with a one hour massage enhanced with aromatherapy oils and hot stones applied to neck, shoulders, and back. Indulge with a mini aromatherapy facial or mineral rich Dtox facial. Finish with one of our luxurious foot treatments. When booking please specify preferred facial and foot treatment.

Rejuvenating Bliss

2 hours - $200

The skin is exfoliated with a mineral rich Himalayan pink salt. Rest in our steamy wonder canopy and let the salt detoxify the body. Enjoy a cold stone facial and compress to enhance the senses. Finish with a luxurious Swedish massage with Bellabaci cups. The Bellabaci cups are used to release toxins from deep muscle and tissue by means of gentle suction. It has been found to affect the body up to four inches into the tissues, causing tissues to release toxins and inflammation, revitalize and oxygenate the skin. As toxins and inflammation are pulled from the body to the surface of the skin, the lymphatic system (which is stimulated by 300%) eliminates them.