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Benefits of Massage

We must learn to practice the art of slowing down & getting back to the simple things in life. The most precious gift we have been given is our bodies. We must take good care & nurture ourselves as much as possible. When we do this regularly, it has a positive impact on our health (body), emotions (mind), & how we connect to the universe (spirit). When we give ourselves time to relax we are able to receive and enjoy more of life. The benefits of massage are many. Some of the most important being relief of stress, tension & fatigue, promoting a sense of relaxation, renewed energy and well-being. Massage also reduces muscle soreness, increases mobility & can bring relief to acute chronic pain. Incorporating it into your regular health routine can prevent injury & bring vitality to your life.

Feelin Beachy - Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

90 minutes - $150

Warm, smooth stones made of pure pink Himalayan salt massage tense muscles. Negative ions sweep away stress and leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. The benefits are amazing. You can see the effects of the salt after one session. Your skin, body and mind will thank you!

The benefits of a Himalayan Salt Stone Massage:

  • Negative ions are produced when heated creating a sense of peace and deeper sense of relaxation.
  • The heat of the salt melts restrictive fascia to go deeper into the muscles and loosens the joints.
  • The moist heat of the stones assist with soothing inflamed muscles and joints.
  • Leaves the skin feeling refreshed and glowing. The salt stones moisturize and plump up the superficial layers of the skin.
  • May detoxify and alkaline the body.
  • May aide in reduction of insomnia, blood pressure and stress.
  • On a spiritual level: Can ground and balance energy system.
Simply Massage

Simply Massage

Our highly trained massage therapists will conduct a pre-massage interview to customize a session that will address your individual needs. Modalities such as Swedish, deep tissue, NMT, hot stone and assisted stretching are offered.

$200.00/120 mins (Most Popular. Effective for treating chronic conditions, yet provides additional time for full body massage.)

$150.00/90 mins (Allows time to treat chronic conditions, and possibly allows time for full body massage.)

$100.00/60 mins (If you require a deep tissue session to address a specific area of concern -such as neck and back tension- OR full body relaxation. If you require a deep tissue session to address specific AND a full body massage, please choose the 120 min session. Deep tissue work is a slow process when performed correctly.)

Island Fusion Massage

90 minutes - $150

Escape to the warm tropical breezes of the islands. This session combines smooth, warm basalt stones along with warmed bamboo stalks to massage the body in gliding, rhythmic waves to melt away stress and tension. Relax and breathe deeply as the body, mind & spirit are taken on a journey to a tranquil state of well-being.

Island Fusion Massage
Raindrop Treatment Massage

Raindrop Treatment

$100 (raindrop) $150 (w/full body massage) $200 (2 hour treatment w/ massage & energy balancing)

7 powerful essential oils and 2 blends are applied to the spine using a specialized massage technique. As you relax under hot steamy towels the oils penetrate deep into the body to reduce muscle tension & inflammation caused by stress, improve circulation & speed tissue repair. This unique, very powerful and soothing treatment is a tremendous boost to the immune system as it releases toxins and kills viruses and bacteria. By stimulating the central nervous system every system in the body will benefit.

Prenatal Massage

60 minutes - $100
90 minutes - $150

In addition to promoting relaxation and general well being, prenatal massage can help address the aches and pains commonly associated with pregnancy, including sciatica, swelling in the hands and feet, lower back and sacroiliac pain, tight hips and overall soreness. Prenatal massages are performed in a sidelying position with pillows and cushions to keep mother and baby comfortable and supported.

Prenatal Massage
Massage Therapist Smoothing a Client's Face

Live LARGE, Live LUX-Enhancements

Make your AHH-MAZING Massage or Facial X-TRA Special

Brighten up and GLOW with these facial enhancements. Add to your massage to attain brighter, radiant and healthier skin. Cells are activated and face regains elasticity. Clearing clogged pores. Controls acne and pimples. Detoxifies skin Double chin reduced. Uplifts sagging skin to become suppler / firmer. Improve skin cells growth and renewal. Iron out fine lines and wrinkles. Promotes a healthy and younger looking skin. Promotes blood circulation, activates energy. Reduces pores size. Reducing pigmentations, freckles. Helps to tone the face. Release of stress. Removes dark circles / eye bags / puffy eyes. Smoother skin, youthful look. Uneven tone improved.

  • NuFace Microcurrent Facial Lift - $45
  • Corrective Control Glycolic Peel - $25 (medium)
  • Alchimie Brightening Facial Peel - $25 (light)
  • Gua Sha Facelift Massage - $25
  • Ageless Eyes - $10

These anti-aging, exfoliating, hydrating treatments will enhance your massage or facial and pamper the hands and feet:

  • Anti-Aging Botanical Hand Treatment - $25
  • Smoothing Hot Oil Lux Foot Treatment - $25
  • Hydrating Foot Treatment - $15
  • Hydrating Hand Treatment - $15

Also Available:

  • Dry Brushing/Full Body Exfoliation - $20
  • Massage Cupping - $20
  • Sinus Cleansing Facial Steam - $10
  • Relaxing Aromatherapy Scalp Massage - $10

Synergy Stone Massage

90 minutes - $150

Take your hot stone experience to the next level. Special wave design heated stones work to soothe, sculpt, and knead achy muscles into a deeper state of relaxation. These hand crafted Synergy Stones blend soothing warmth, custom pressure, and flowing motion into and extra relaxing and therapeutic massage sensation. Different from your typical hot stone massage, the Synergy Heat Wave Stone allows you to feel the warmth of the stone on a larger surface of your body at once. If you like hot stone massage, you will LOVE synergy. Catch the wave.

Synergy Stone Massage

Luxurious Foot Experience

45 minutes - $65

Turn overworked callused feet into silky smooth happy feet! Your feet will be treated to an exfoliation using our handcrafted foot scrub, followed by a hydrating butter and massaged with hot stones. Finish with a minty cooling lotion. The ultimate for people who are on their feet all day! Deeply relaxing!

Energy Balancing

30 minutes - $45
60 minutes - $85

Your energy system is composed of 7 energy centers called chakras. Reiki (translated to universal life force) is a non-invasive hand placement technique that can balance these energy centers and/or can be applied to injured areas to accelerate the healing process, whether chronic or recent. We work with you to support you in your own healing. Energy modalities work well in conjunction with other medical treatments and can help you gain even more benefit from your current health and wellness program in a gentle, non invasive way. You can gain more awareness of your own body and develop a new relationship to your own health!


CBD Infused Massage

90 minutes - $150

This session starts off with a clothed full body stretch, followed by a deep tissue massage with a CBD infused oil. A concentrated CDB balm will be worked into areas of pain (such as knees or low back) with a special attachment on the pure wave percussion massager or acu-pen. This session may be upgraded with massage cupping for no additional charge.